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Welcome to MayVaneDay Studios, the one-stop homepage for whatever the heck Vane Vander's doing at this specific moment.

At the time of writing, I have five books published, and I am currently working on my sixth.

This page is purposely plaintext in order to be compatible with as many browsers and screen readers as possible. Plus, plaintext is faster to render than oodles of JavaScript, and it doesn't break if you have NoScript installed. It renders fastest in Lynx. If you have a browser that supports CSS, I've made a lovely lesbian color scheme for the site, because black text on white is boring as heck.

You can contact me via email or MEGA at vanevander(at)mayvaneday.art . Stop asking for a Discord server; it's not going to happen.

Hey! This website is available on Dat, a peer-to-peer protocol for the post-server web! If you like what you see, consider seeding?

   MMMMMMMMMM             MMMMMMMMMM    
   MMM  .  MMMM        ,MMMMM: . :MM    
   MMM       MMMZ     MMMM       :MM    
  .MM         MMM,   MMM.        :MM    
  ~MM      ::~~MMMMMMMMMMMO      ~MM    
  :MMM:         MMMMMM       .MMMMMM    
   MMM          DMMMMM           MMM    
   MMM          .MMMMM           MMM    
   MMM           MMMM.           MMM    
   .MM.          MMMM            MMM    
    MMM           MMM           MMM.    
    .MMM          MMM          MMM.     
     .MMM         MMM         MMMO      
      ,MMMMM      MMM       ~MMM~       
         MMMMMMMO:MMM     MMMMM         


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